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Dwain A. Blake II, CLU, FSCP, LUTCF

About Dwain

“I began my 25 year career in the world of financial services in 1997 in Morgantown, WV. Initially serving Clients in the retail space for a few Fortune 100 groups in the greater South Atlantic region until I founded my Wealth Management Firm, Arthur Blake Wealth, LLC which spans across 48 states. I graduated from Marshall University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology and have also completed graduate Engineering studies at West Virginia University’s College of Graduate Studies.

Being a former Combat Engineer Officer and National Guard Officer in the United States Army, and achieving the rank of Major, I held various positions including Company Commander, Environmental Officer, Senior Tactical Officer at Army Officers Candidate School, and numerous other Company and Battalion Level staff positions.

My diverse background ranging from a 15 year Military career to operating as a strict fiduciary financial professional today, has always revolved around a core focus of serving others. I spend a good amount of time traveling the country, visiting clients and speaking at educational events for Real Estate Investors, Business Owners, and Families. My philosophy is to lead with education and transparency so those that I work with can learn the strategies that many wealthy American’s use today to achieve financial autonomy.

In honor of my background, I devote my spare time to assisting homeless initiatives in SE Georgia and am an advocate and voice for Veterans Care.”

Arthur Blake Wealth LLC’s Target Market Offerings


Arthur Blake Wealth is a fiduciary firm that provides unique strategies for investors for leveraging capital while retaining liquidity through fiduciary financial products. Our goal is to protect liquidity so that investors can keep earning returns while earning interest simultaneously through our Proprietary Dual Interest Bank. Contact us for a copy of our latest ebook.



Arthur Blake Wealth offers Fiduciary Wealth Management for Physicians, Advanced Real Estate Investors, Professional Athletes, and Family Office Operations in 46 US States. We are experts in developing unique financial plans pertaining to our client's individual needs and goals in any economic environment.


Wealth Building Secrets the IRS Doesn't Want You to Know About

Among the advantages of putting your money in a Dual Interest Bank is that it allows you to participate in the upside of your investment while at the same time protecting you against downside risk.

This strategy not only shields you from interest-hungry lenders and the IRS, but from unpredictable market volatility and can even hedge you against inflation.

In other words, if the market turns bearish, you won’t lose your money - that’s how powerful the Dual Interest Bank is.

You can build a viable Dual Interest Bank with no financial vehicle other than a customized cash-value insurance policy.

And we tell you this because we are fiduciaries. In that capacity, we design cash-value plans tailored to your needs. We not only work with you, but for you—since, as fiduciaries, we must have your best interests in mind at all times.

It’s disheartening to see so many people start a Dual Interest Bank with a cash-value product that is poorly designed (and expensive). That can happen if you rely on an insurance agent rather than on a fiduciary for help with implementing this cash flow strategy that fits uniquely to your personal needs.

Interested in learning more? Get your complimentary copy of the Dual Interest Bank eBook sent directly to your inbox. Email or and they will personally send you a copy.


No more waiting for your insurance to pay out on death - Turn your life insurance into an accessible, valuable asset!

Do you know you likely have a valuable asset? Do you know that you could liquidate that asset without fulfilling the contract by dying?

Yes, we are talking about life insurance. It is possible to have immediate access to the cash hiding in your life insurance policy through Arthur Blake Wealth’s Executive Life Settlement Program. You may then use that cash for reducing or eliminating your debt, paying off your mortgage, gifting to loved ones, donating to charity, or simply traveling and enjoying that lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Alternatively, you may reinvest your capital into tax-advantaged investments for additional retirement income. The opportunities are endless and the choice is yours!

You may be eligible if:

  • You are retiring and have a buy-sell agreement with a partnership.
  • You're the key person in a business arrangement, and that business arrangement is coming to an end.
  • Your company or your partnership is being sold or dissolved.
  • You have an insurance plan as part of a collateral assignment and that collateral assignment obligation is coming to an end.
  • You are paying premiums that have increased or will increase dramatically, and you wish to not continue with your policy.
  • Your policy has a death benefit of $50,000 up to $50 million.
  • Your premiums are becoming burdensome and you need access to capital.
  • You’re no longer the key employee or officer in a corporation.
  • You have insurance owned by a trust that is being dissolved.
  • You no longer have a need for your marital union/family trust policies.

Start with a quick, no obligation, and strictly confidential 5- to 10-minute call with Dwain. Contact Dwain at to schedule your consultation.

SAFE MONEY INVESTING: Stable Returns in an Unstable Market

Why is this important to you? Because Safe Money Investing impacts all aspects of your financial planning.


Retirement: Securing all aspects of your planning...

  • Growth 3-6% ABOVE bank rates
  • Tax preferred treatment of accumulated funds regardless of age
  • Free from claims of creditors
  • Access to capital investment immediately as needed by investors

Stability with Guarantees...

  • Deposit Principle: GUARANTEED not to decrease regardless of market volatility
  • Fixed Interest: GUARANTEED to stay at the agreed-upon rate
  • Deposit GUARANTEED -Insured Investments
  • Approved in All 50 states by Regulatory Agencies

Estate Planning...

  • Absolutely no probate of assets upon death
  • Ability to change beneficiaries as desired

Start your education today. Contact Dwain at and ask about Safe Money Investing.

Experts in Wealth Management & Traditional Planning

Traditional Qualified Planning, but not limited to:

  • 401(k), Solo and Group Plans
  • Roth, Simple, and SEP IRAs
  • Fiduciary Wealth Management: A pure equity strategy with custom-built portfolios to target sectors of the market such as Energy & Crude, Clean Energy, Real Estate, Entertainment and Consumer Goods, Finance & Technology, and Recession Opportunities.
  • Commitment to create responsible and tax-efficient growth of assets to avoid unnecessary and excessive capital gains.

Advanced Planning Strategies

  • Non-Qualified Retirement Plans : Plans with higher annual contribution limits, without forfeiting liquidity for external investment opportunities.
  • Estate Plans and Funding with Advanced Life Insurance Design: Built to create Legacy Wealth Transition to protect your life’s work from a heavy inheritance tax burden.
  • Asset Protection especially for Real Estate Investors
  • Risk Mitigation for Future Inflation, Taxation, and Downside Protection
  • Business Strategies: Funding Buy/Sell Agreements and Succession Planning

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Our Promise

We are committed to creating strategies that reflect our clients' global and long term goals for managing their wealth and their legacy. We value the art of educating our clients, so they can make confident decisions for themselves, their family and their business.