Traditional Planning for Financial Life Events

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Retirement, College, Weddings, Home Purchases, etc.

Mitigation of Risk for potential increase in Inflation and Taxation

LTC/Chronic Illness

With life events comes excitement but at times, also anxiety. In this volatile economic time comes the need for an adaptable plan for life events. Of course we offer traditional planning for college, retirement, and illnesses. However, our firm understands traditional planning is not always the right solution. Standard planning can be encumbered by strict IRS regulations, excessive taxation and a lack of liquidity. We use a multifaceted approach combining traditional planning and unique solutions for families and businesses.

For example, maybe a 529 plan is not suited for the children of today who are seeking entrepreneurial endeavors, or roles in family businesses. So why would you use a vehicle that could penalize your child for not using those savings to go to college? Likewise, a common concern is planning for the likelihood of a need for end of life care. Does it make sense to pay thousands of dollars a month in unrecoverable premiums for traditional long term care plans, or is there another way? We aim to understand your needs and not limit you to the typical options.

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