Advanced Insurance Design & Implementation

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Non-Qualified Retirement Plans – Section 7702

Funded Buy/Sell Agreements

Succession Planning

Our co-principals have a combined 37 years of experience in advanced insurance design. Being an insurance broker means we are not beholden to any one insurance carrier or product, thus our focus will be on finding the best solution for the client wherever that may exist. A client's needs can stretch anywhere from a simple need for a tax free death benefit for the breadwinner of a family all the way to the complexity of a buy-sell agreement or succession strategy for a business. The biggest mistake in implementing insurance into your business or family plan is aligning yourself with a non-Fiduciary design which is laden with excessive fees and commissions. Our firm has taken an oath to operate in a strict Fiduciary nature which means we are obligated despite our best interests to minimize fees and commission to the absolute minimum possible. Meaning, you will always have the advantage in a transaction with our firm as the plan will have stronger returns, accumulation, and liquidity. Our firm has expertise and experience in all of those areas and are prepared to offer the best advice in the industry.

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